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Comprehensive Veterinary Care for your Horse, Donkey or Mule.

Horses are and have always been Dr. Reed's passion.

His aim is to offer high quality medicine with a strong dose of compassion and common sense.

His highest priority is to help you meet your veterinary healthcare goals and needs for your valued animals.

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Welcome to Diamond R Veterinary Services

We offer 100% ambulatory services to wherever your horses may be.

Located to the West of Calgary, our service area is roughly focused on Highway 22 to the north and south of Cochrane, AB, including the communities of Canmore, Banff, Morley, Benchlands, Waiparous, Madden, Water Valley and Cremona. We will also travel further afield pending demand, including to rural areas outside of the Calgary zone for a concentrated day or days of appointments. Our aim is to offer as many services as possible from our mobile unit including advanced dentistry, lameness diagnosis and treatment, diagnostic imaging (x-ray/ultrasound), wellness and preventative medicine as well as basic field surgeries.

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Quality, Integrity, Compassion and Customer Service

Dr. Reed's vet truck and team offers comprehensive veterinary care for your horse, donkey or mule.

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Protecting your animal:

  • ● Vaccines
  • ● Parasite control
  • ● Laboratory Diagnostics
  • ● Wellness
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A cornerstone of Diamond R Vet! From routine examinations and floats to advanced diagnostics and treatment including diastema work and extractions.

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Thorough musculoskeletal exams, visual gait analysis, diagnostics/imaging, multiple treatment options including both systemic and targeted joint treatments.

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X-ray, Ultrasound and Oral/Dental scoping available.

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Basic field surgeries such castrations, biopsies, and wound repair.

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Palpation and ultrasound scanning of mares for pregnancy diagnosis and breeding management. Artificial insemination (cooled semen only). Foal exams and treatment.

Emergency services: Business hour emergency response to all areas pending availability. After hours emergency services to Banff/Canmore and the Scott Lake Hill area.

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On November 26th we received a very poorly 5 month old pony. He was very unwell with multiple infections, heavy worm burden and extremely thin. He also had an umbilical hernia and was completely unhandled at this stage. He had been taken away from his family and was very frightened. Our horses weren’t too keen on him either!

We got a halter on him and his journey began. Dr Ben came and he immediately put Little Bear on very strong antibiotics and addressed the worm burden. He did respond quite well to the antibiotics but then had a large abscess close to his wither which Dr Ben drained and continued with more antibiotics. He got better and was gaining weight. Unfortunately in Late December when it was very cold, he developed hypothermia (His temp dropped to 30) and he was freezing, a quick call to Dr Ben and we got him through the next few days.

He continued to improve and gain weight slowly until we thought he could be strong enough for another round of antibiotics and surgery for the umbilical hernia. Dr Ben’s team performed the surgery at our place and Little Bear’s recovery of 1 month on stall/small paddock rest began. He has grown and is now quite well adjusted to being constantly handled and his future,( that was very uncertain multiple times), is looking very bright.

I can’t thank Dr Ben enough for his care and attention to detail for this little horse and wish him all the best for continuing to persue his vocation as an Equine Vet.

Louise Emshey (and Little Bear)

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